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Safety Cans

Safety Cans

SYSBEL Safety Cans are the typical, single-spout safety cans in widest use for conveniently carrying, dispensing, and storing up to five gallons (19 litres) of flammable liquids. The basic purpose of a safety can is the control of flammable vapors to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities

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Product Details

Safety Cans

1.Fixed and rounded carrying handle enable to accompany with clamp to open lid without any secondary 

linkages, bring a convenience in carrying and using

2.The reinforcement support shaft-design and centrosymmetric ribdesign of the bottom, help to balance the can’s interior force

3.Baked on lead-free epoxy paint finish, minimizing the effects of corrosion and humidity

4.Positive press relief cap, leaktight, automatically vent vapor between 0.2 and 0.35bar(3 and 5 psig) to prevent rupture(or explosion in event of fire),spring loaded, it closes automatically after filling or pouring

5.Seamless design for combination of the top and the body of the can

6.Yellow belly band with warning and clear content identification area for added security


Type I Safety Cans One opening from which to fill and pour into larger receiving vessels. They are the typical, single-spout safety cans in widest use for transfer, storage and dispensing of flammable or combustible liquids in capacities from 1 pint (0.5 L) to 5 gallon (19L); safety can’s capacity cannot be more than 5 gallons. SYSBEL manufactures Type I cans with galvanized steel bodies in two sizes, involving 2.5 Gal(9.5L) & 5 Gal(19L).

Type I Safety Cans are designed primarily for filling of containers having large receiving openings, such as rinse or cleaning tanks. 

However they also can be equipped with accessory funnel attachments for filling containers with smaller opening, specially for fitting unleaded fuel tank.

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