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Spill control kits

  • Spill Prevention, Containment and Control
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    Spill Prevention, Containment and Control

    Spill and leakage risks are major sources of hidden danger in the workplace.SYSBEL Spill Prevention, Containment &Control series, help you to keep the storage environment of oily and chemical drums clean, to effectively prevent and...
  • Poly Spill Decks
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    Poly Spill Decks

    SYSBEL poly spill decks factory,the The poly spill deck is lower than the pallet, thus saving the space, improving the safety, efficiency and facilitating handling of oil drums and chemical drums. Generally, the poly spill deck is used...
  • Overpack Salvage Drum
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    Overpack Salvage Drum

    This product is applicable to temporary storage and transportation of hazardous wastes (such as flammable, corrosive and toxic substances), and widely applied in secondary packaging, transportation, transfer and spill handling, etc. It...
  • Absorbents
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    SYSBEL Absorbent(pad, sock and pillow)with melt blown polypropylene (MBPP) features high absorption rate, rapid absorption, good cleaning effect, which don’t react with polar, toxic, hazardous chemicals, and is safe to use, causing no...
  • Steel Spill Pallets
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    Steel Spill Pallets

    Shanghai SYSBEL offers steel spill pallets for sale at the most competitive price.The steel spill pallet can also be used for storing, handling and separating oil drums and chemical drums Coming in high quality, good performance and...
  • Spill Control Accessories
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    Spill Control Accessories

    Poly Loading Ramp for Pallets SYSBEL supply high quality spill control products, protect for the employees and environment. We have Poly spill pallet ramp, poly spill deck ramp, Tow-drum Poly spill deck cart, Removable shelving for IBC...
  • Sysbel Biohazard Waste Can
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    Sysbel Biohazard Waste Can

    DESCRIPTION ● Constructed of polyethylene (PE), which are resistant to most chemical compounds. ● One-piece, blow-molded construction has no seams to develop leaks. ● Self-closing lid stays closed when not in use. ● Convex lugs moves...
  • Spill Control Kits
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    Spill Control Kits

    SYSBEL Spill Kits are suitable for fast, efficient and professional treatment of spills.If spill or leakage occurs, you have to race against time to handle it, SYSBEL professional- Emergency Treatment Package will help you! There is...
  • Lab Spill Containment Pallets
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    Lab Spill Containment Pallets

    SYSBEL Lab Spill Containment Pallets provide professional solutions for the accidental leakage in laboratory, workstation to collect substances leakage when conduct chemical experiment and as a secondary containment storage container....
  • Poly Spill Pallets
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    Poly Spill Pallets

    Shanghai SYSBEL professional poly spill pallets factory,Spill pallets can be used for storing,handing and transferring oil drums and chemical drums, with the supporting ramp,chemical drums can be handled easily and quickly.SYSBEL Spill...
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