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When the Spill Or Accident Happens – Respond as Follows –SYSBEL

● Assess the risk 

Assess the spill or the risk in accidents, and identify the spill material in advance. If possible, ensure the character of chemicals (flammability, 

explosiveness, reactivity or toxicity) for professional treatments, according to MSDS. Choose suitable spill kits for your operation.

● Select personal protective equipment (PPE)

Choose proper PPE to safely response to dangers in accidents or the spill, including protective clothes, respirator, protective gloves, glasses or 

goggles, etc. If the material is unknown, assume the worst. 

● Control the spread and stop the leak

Use proper means to stop the source of the spilled material by the same time. 

● Block or contain the spill/waste & cleanups 

Use the SYSBEL SPILL Kits absorbents: rapidly take out absorbent socks to divert and stop the spilled material before it has a chance to 

spread; clean up the contained spill with absorbent pads and pillows by measure of the volume of the spill. For the treatment to toxic materials, 

it is important to use proper cans to realize isolations.

● Post-treatment and transfer

The contaminated absorbents should be sealed into biohazard disposal bags. If necessarily, tag and label the bags for the wastes by laws. The 

bags, toxic or dangerous material containers can only be transferred until they are sealed into overpack salvage drums, for later professional 


● Decontaminate

Decontaminate the site, personnel and equipments in treatment, for avoiding secondary contaminations. SYSBEL overpack salvage drums can 

be reused after cleaning.

Please ascertain the patterns and quantities of absorbents (absorbent pads, absorbent socks, or absorbent pillows) in alliance to your action 

plan. Reference book for chemical emergency management and response solutions: emergency rescue manual for chemical hazard and risk. 

2008. China science & technology press, Beijing.


SYSBEL Absorbent(pad, sock and pillow)with melt blown polypropylene (MBPP) features high absorption rate, rapid absorption, good cleaning effect, 

which don’t react with polar, toxic, hazardous chemicals, and is safe to use, causing no harm to personal health. Waste disposal is low in cost, and 

clean-up of spilled liquid is simple.It is a good helper for your workplace cleaning!


Products for Spill Control and Containment 

1. SYSBEL MBPP absorbents are divided into absorbent pads, absorbent socks, absorbent pillows and absorbent rolls. The general guidance for 

use is shown as follows:


● Absorbent pads are used for small spill. When dealing with spills, please use pads to cover the 

spill area until the spills are absorbed completely. 

● Absorbent socks are used for spill control by the way of overlapping. They are often widely laid on the area where spill would happen 


● Absorbent pillows are used as ideal products for dealing with waste tank, coolant tank, storage container and catchpit.

● Absorbent rolls can close to the ground, they are widely used for keep the ground clean, dry and safe when appearing spills 

Absorbents Classification by absorption characteristics,White——Oil-only,Grey——Universal,Yellow——Hazmat

● Choose the White special use for oil, not water

● Choose the Grey suitable for absorbing oils and solvents

● Choose the Yellow suitable for absorbing acids, corrosive liquids, or an unknown liquid

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