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On classification of chemical storage cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets industrial cabinets focused since its launch, adhere to the "professional quality, professional, professional customer service" for the purpose, and through constant innovation and development, the product has been used for many businesses

Third, product classification

1, chemical storage cabinets in accordance with internal storage to the chemical properties of the different, can be divided into yellow, red, blue, and white. Yellow chemical storage cabinet is mainly used to store combustible liquid chemicals; red chemicals mainly used to store flammable liquid chemicals; blue is mainly used to store some weak corrosive chemicals white chemical storage cabinets (PP) because the material used was mainly used to store some of the strong acid strong alkali chemicals

2, strong acid strong alkali storage units depending on the specifications can be divided into: 30 gallon, 45 gallons, 60 gallon, 90 gallon

Suzhou century---technology limited is a chemical manufacturers specializing in the production of chemicals, explosion-proof Cabinet

To standardize certain hazardous chemicals for storing flammable liquids and combustible, flammable liquids and chemicals you provide

Safe storage. Different types of cabinets can be placed at different duty stations to meet your constraints.

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