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Abstract of OHSA Standard--SYSBEL

1. Fire-resistive performance

Ensures that inside storage rooms are designed and constructed to meet the required fire-resistive rating for their use. Construction shall comply with the test specifiections set forth in NFPA251-1969,Stardand Methods  of  Fire Tests of Bulding Construction and Materials. During the burning test, all the tie-ins and junctions should be kept closed, the door should be closed.

Ensures that the storage cabinet you use is designed and constructed to limit the internal temperature to net to below 325F°.

Label the storage cabinet with conspicuous lettering "Flammable,No fire ".

Metal  cabinets according to standard, should be constructed as the following method: Bottom coping, door and flank used is at least 18# sheet iron with 1/2 inch interspaces. The tie-ins should be riveted, jointed, or fasten  with other efficient method. Door  should  be equipped with three-points-linked locks. Doorsill is 2 inches higher than the bottom.

2. Container

Flammable  and  combustible  liquids  will  may  be "Located" outside  of  an  inside  storage  room   or storage cabinet in a building or in any one fire area of a building, but such amounts cannot exceed:

* 25 gallons of Class I-A (flammable liquids) one or 

more container

* 120 gallons of Class I-B (flammable) or Class II or III 

(combustible) liquids in one or more containers

* 660 gallons of Class I-B,I-C,II or III liquids in a single 

portable tank

Maximum quantities inside a flammable storage cabinet 

or inside a storage room:

* 60 gallons of Class I or II liquids

* 120 gallons of Class III liquids

Disposal of liquid after use

Flammable  liquids  should  be  kept  in  covered 

containers when not in use.

While using or handing flammable liquids, leaks and 

spills  form other than closed containers  should be 

handled promptly and safety except for in a closed 


Flammable  or  combustible  liquids  be transferred

from/to vessels, containers or portable tanks within a building only  through  a  closed  piping  systems or by safety cans or by means of a device drawing through the top or from a container or portable tanks by gravity through an approved self-closing valve.

Transferring by means if air pressure on the container or portable tanks is not allowed.

3. Earthing

Class  I  liquids  not  be used where there are open 

flames or other sources of ignition within the possible 

path of vapor travel.

SYSBEL Safety Cabinet is used for the storage of flammable liquids, chemicals, combustibles, toxic substances and pesticides, etc. It is widely used in the workshop of the factory, hospitals or laboratories in universities.The application industries include Oil, Gas, Power, Chemicals, Firefighting, Automobile, Laboratories, Electronics, Warehouse, Telecommunications, Marine, Cosmetics and Food, etc.

 SYSBEL's Chemical Storage Cabinets,Flammable Liquid Storage,Safety Storage Cabinets,Hazardous Storage cabinets,Laboratory Safety Cabinets are in strict comply with related standards,such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 of American Occupational Safety and Health Administration and NFPA CODE30 of American National Fire Protection Association. SYSBEL attaches great importance to product quality management. After strict product testing, its products gain EU “CE” certification and FM Approval, etc. SYSBEL, relying on innovative solutions, always maintains the leading position in the industry, and provides quality products and services for the enterprises to ensure occupational safety,reduce fire risks and enhance productivity.

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