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Safety Cans - For Gasoline(2.5Gal/9.5L)

Safety Cans - For Gasoline(2.5Gal/9.5L)

Type-I metal safety cans are storage containers which can be used to fill or dump liquid through the same bottleneck. With unique handle and clamp design, one force can open the can, which is easy to dump and carry. All models of security cans are equipped with a flame-arresting mesh which effectively removes heat and prevents flashover. The safety cans automatically close to prevent overflow and leakage effectively. The automatic pressure relieving system can relieve pressure when the pressure is within 0.2 to 0.35 kg / sq cm (3 to 5 pounds / square inch) to avoid accidental eruptions or explosion hazards.

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We are proud to offer China Made SYSBEL Safety Cans. Engineered and manufactured to exacting standards, SYSBEL safety products meet or exceed OSHA, and NFPA standards and will give you years of dependable use.



Heat could be any ignition source which generates heat, such as mechanical sparks,static electricity, frayed wiring, a lit match or cigarette smoking, or a portable heater.

Heat is effectively controlled with a dual-density flame arrester and self-close, leaktight lid.

The presence of oxygen is obvious in the air we breathe. Fuel can be a combustible or flammable liquid such as gasoline. These are controlled with a leaktight, gasketed lid to ensure outside heat sources and oxygen cannot get in (and the flammable vapors and fuel remain inside). In other words, when not being used, the lid on the can automatically closes. The spring loaded, self-closing lid includes a gasket to help keep it airtight and leaktight. Each and every SYSBEL safety can is 100% tested under pressure to guarantee leak-proof construction.

As an added measure of protection, safety cans offer positive pressure relief, meaning they automatically vent at between 3 and 5 psig. This is important to prevent rupture (or explosion) in the event of a fire.

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SYSBEL safety cans

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