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oil waste containers

  • Biohazard Waste Can

    Contact NowBiohazard Waste CanShanghai SYSBEL offers biohazard waste can for sale at the most competitive price. Coming in high quality, good performance and lasting serving time, this products made by professionals must be your best choice.

  • SYSBEL Spill Control For Oil And Chemicals

    Contact NowSYSBEL Spill Control For Oil And ChemicalsSYSBEL Absorbent(pad, sock and pillow)with melt blown polypropylene (MBPP) features high absorption rate, rapid absorption, good cleaning effect, which don’t react with polar, toxic, hazardous chemicals, and is safe to use, causing no...

  • Oily Waste Can Rag Disposal Containers

    Contact NowOily Waste Can Rag Disposal ContainersSYSBEL oily waste can rag disposal containers prevents fire risks and colllect rags and cloth submersed in oil. *Ventilation hole at the base of oily rag container *Foot operated design

  • SYSBEL Oil Waste Can

    Contact NowSYSBEL Oil Waste CanAs we all know that in everyday life garbage waste is ubiquitous and besides hazardous waste, it is more hazardous waste. For example, in the industrial manufacturing industry, many laboratories in schools involve a lot of waste, while...

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