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Why oil has begun?

From covered reinforced concrete cover, "top kill", to the "top hat," "cut the CAP" method, Mexico Gulf oil spill happened nearly 3 months, assuming various containment techniques, but with little success. Oil spill plug why only now beginning? and, starting from the depth where the incident happened, said.

The oil spill under water more than 1500 square meters. Described as a "very difficult", while in the 1500-meter deep difficulty in plugging oil leak are as much as "blue sky". Because every 10 meters in depth in the water increased atmospheric pressure, more than 1500 meters underwater has more than 150 more than atmospheric pressure, the equivalent of about 155 kg per square centimeter sustain pressure. Under such great pressure, General machinery will be squeezed variants, or loss of function. Therefore resort to some special handling machinery or appliances, and implemented by the remote-controlled blocking assignments.

Temporary construction of the deep sea special device takes time, while remote control is complex and slow, coupled with underwater currents and various chemical changes in physical conditions, the unpredictability of greatly increased, influence the effect of various methods. For example, have used cover of steel and concrete cover, gathered on marine gas hydrate plugging leaking pipes cannot be used. 15th project was progressing, it was after after a series of tried and learned many lessons, get success, reflected the deep sea oil leak is not easy.

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