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Why do you use chemicals?

First, fire prevention and control of spills;

Second, protect human life and safety, protection of property, and the environment;

Third, reduce costs, improve efficiency, because of its small size, can be placed in the storage of flammable products in the workplace, without frequent dangerous goods storage, save time and effort;

Finally, the effective management of dangerous goods, security cabinets feature different in different colors, chemicals that can be stored are different, storage, by category, clear easy to manage;

The company produces chemicals cabinets can provide you with a variety of different specifications of combustible, flammable liquids and chemicals

The secure storage. Chemical storage cabinet compact, easy storage of flammable, combustible and organic

Solvents, saving your workspace at the same time, but also saves you trouble to and from storage of dangerous goods.

(1) the storage of hazardous chemicals

Storage of hazardous chemicals, separated into isolated storage, storage and separation of storage of three kinds:

1, isolated storage, and is in the same room or the same region, separated a distance between different materials, material non-taboo (Note: taboo material refers to property conflict or fire-fighting methods of chemical materials) to keep the channel between the storage space.

2, separate storage, is in the same building or in the same region, with partitions or walls, its taboos and separate storage of materials.

3, isolated storage, and refers to the different buildings or external storage in an area away from all buildings.

(2) according to the dangerous properties of Chemicals Division, classification, storage, and inconsistent property, or fire-fighting methods in all kinds of dangerous chemicals shall not be mixed storage

No 1, explosives and other items with storage, must be isolated individually limited storage;

2, compressed gas and liquefied gas must be explosive, oxidizing, flammable items, spontaneously combustible substances, corrosive substances isolated storage;

3, flammable gas storage with supporting gas, toxic gases, oxygen shall not be mixed with oil storage;

4, flammable liquids, flammable when wet or inflammable solids shall not be mixed with the oxidizer storage, reduction of antioxidants should be kept separate;

5, corrosive substances, the packaging must be strict, does not allow leakage, coexist with liquefied gas and other items is strictly prohibited.

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