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Introduction to chemical storage cabinet features

1, fire resistant security cabinets to prevent dead fire burned again, so as to increase the security of storing flammable liquids

2, built-in ground wire can suppress electrostatic

3, all-welded storage cabinet with 3.81cm insulation and double-wall air insulation layer thickness of 1.0 steel plate cabinets become thicker, longer service life, this structure reduces the air space safety cabinets for fire strong

4 reflective labels, vigilance in the light was Dim or fire are very easy to allow firefighters to see? locations exquisite? when when checking or smoky? can be quickly identify

5, antislip flap handle with fingertip operation, easily and effortlessly, concave embedded design path staff will not get stuck

6, keys to prevent unauthorized access and theft, with 2 keys, add visual effect of deterring or key recognition

7, three-point stainless steel latch to lock the device can automatically fail, resistant to high temperatures and harsh environments, prolonged trouble-free use

8, with self-locking latch door? equipped with continuous hinges, to ensure a smooth opening and closing and matching password lock

9, rounded doors can prevent accidents

10, security cabinets designed for catching 5.08 cm oil tank leakage, keeping the area clean

11, fitted with vents on either side of the Cabinet, is available to connect the ventilation system

12, frame oil tank spills into to protect stocks, and locked in a Cabinet in the liquid leakage, sturdy galvanized steel bracket can be adjusted to increase the applicability of

13, welding bays and interlocking shelf, a solid "don't swing" levels, will not be as easily as light arm fall off

14, using lead-free powder coat paint inside and outside, can maintain a high gloss look, and chemicals, rust, and corrosion-resistant

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