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Installation Instructions for Safety Storage Cabinets - SYSBEL

1.Fitting Instruction for shelves

The lock rid should fit the groove of the shelf exactly.

2.Fitting Instructions for Ground Static Connector

Grounding screw is at the bottom of the side wall of the cabinet.The built-in grounding static connector should connect with the grounding screw of the cabinet,to avoid the static spark and fire accident.

3.Dual Vents

Dual Vents with flame arresters are located on the side walls.Dual Vents covers should keep close after ventilation.

4.Installation of Ventilation Device

Vent-pipes of ventilation device can fit with dual vents if ventilation is needed, especially in case of storage of toxic or volatile liquids.Air inlet ventilation is on the left side of wall and air outlet ventilation is on the right side of the wall of cabinet.

5.Location Guide for Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety Storage Cabinet should keep away from fire source, and should be installed in dry and ventilated environment. When multiple safety storage cabinets are installed abreast in row, one should keep suitable distance from the cabinet to ensure that the vent can easily open and close.

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