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Flammable liquid storage warehouse should be noted 6 items

Warehouse storage and transfer station are goods of "home". Because of logistics industry of goods flow in the type, not the same status. Therefore, it should be stored according to the characteristics of the goods, guarantee the goods intact, also reduce the rate of accidents.

Combustibles storage warehouses are described below, it should be noted that 9.

First, the flammable liquid at the time of filling, containers remain within 5% per cent of the gap cannot be filled, to prevent the flammable liquid heat expansion or explosion.

Second, the place of use, storage of flammable liquids should be standard to use explosion-proof electrical equipment according to regulations. Gently in unloading and handling, no scrolling, friction, drag, endanger the safety of operation. Must not be used for work tend to generate a spark of iron tools and wear shoes with nails.

Best use of explosion-proof motor vehicles must enter the workplace, the exhaust pipe shall be installed reliably Mars fire extinguishers and guard to prevent combustible drip on the exhaust pipe or insulation panels.

Third, shall not be mixed with other chemicals. Experimental and sample a few bottles of flammable liquid dangerous goods cabinets can be set and stored according to their characteristics, shall be kept within the same antioxidant properties of competing goods.

Finally, in determining the degree of flammable and combustible liquids, storage conditions, use of equipment, lighting, insulation and temperature, taking into account the flash point of a liquid. Easily with low flash point liquids stored in underground or half underground warehouse, necessary part on the liquid in the tank partially filled with nitrogen, to cut off from contact with the air, used to seal the device.

Finally, according to the nature of the items, the availability of appropriate fire-fighting equipment, and keep it in good condition. To organize fire drills often, skilled use of fire-fighting equipment.

Last summer transportation should comply with specific local requirements, both in the morning and inbound and outbound transport. While in transport, the pump filling to have a good grounding to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Tanker transport of flammable liquids shall have grounding chain, slot hole baffle is available to reduce the tank produced by shock of static electricity.

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